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Meet the Owner

Jim's story with swimming pools started over 30 years ago when he was cleaning and maintaining pools. During the past few decades Jim has gained experience with every part of swimming pool and spa installation and maintenance. Eventually Jim decided to start his own swimming pool and spa store. In 2009 Jim's Pool and Spa opened their doors. Today Sheila and John love to ensure that their clients enjoy a refreshing swim or a relaxing dip in a warm spa.

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Our Story

About Jim's Pool & Spa

Jim's Pool and Spa is family owned and operated swimming pool repair and installation business. Sheila and her son John carry on Jim's love by helping their clients. They can answer just about any question regarding swimming pools or spas. Sheila and John pride themselves on being there for their clients with customer service that is second to none! When you visit Jim's Pool and Spa do not be surprised to see Sheila and John testing a pool water sample with their tried and true full wet lab.


Jim's Pool & Spa is simply the Best Swimming Pool Supply Store in Augusta GA. We have an impressive resume of swimming pool service and maintenance; in fact, a combined 45 years of total experience!

Jim's Pool and Spa is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and boasts an A+ rating! 

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